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  1. dragons

    Tapatalk update

    I've just updated the Tapatalk plugin, any problems let me know.
  2. dragons

    Another Xenforo update

    So yet another XenForo update has been done. Any problems?
  3. dragons

    Another Xenforo update

    Hi Guys, In wake of the other forum getting hacked just thought I should update to the latest version of Xenforo, all done.
  4. dragons

    Xenforo update

    Hi guys, Just updated Xenforo again to 2.1.2, any problems, let me know.
  5. dragons

    TLS update

    Hi guys. I've enabled TLSv1.3 on the server, any problems let me know.
  6. dragons

    90vette approved

    Hi guys, I've approved membership for 90vette he was a member on RDF and RALF.
  7. dragons


    Has anyone been getting random notifications from Tapatalk about threads that were last updated 6 months ago or some other arbitrary time?
  8. dragons

    Update to Xenforo 2.1

    Just did another Xenforo update.
  9. dragons

    User app declined

    Hi guys, Just for the sake of transperency, I rejected a user application, it did not appear to be from anyone we knew, it came from an Indian IP and a Brazilian Email address.
  10. dragons

    Update to Xenforo 2.1

    Just a heads up on a new feature Xenforo 2.1 introduced, push notifications.. I know these can be annoying however with a quiet forum like this one could be useful if you turn them on, when anyone posts something new a notification will appear in your system tray. It's pretty non invasive.
  11. dragons

    Update to Xenforo 2.1

    Just updated to Xenforo 2.1.0, it's a fairly major update I have also updated the Tapatalk plugin everything seems to be working fine, any problems let me know.
  12. dragons

    Yet another XF update

    I've just completed yet another XF update, as always any issues let me know.
  13. dragons

    Xenforo update

    Just processed another Xenforo update.
  14. dragons

    Tapatalk update

    Just added a Tapatalk update, any issues let me know.
  15. dragons

    Yet another Xenforo update

    Hi Guys, I have just updated Xenforo again, notice anything as always let me know.
  16. dragons

    Xenforo and Tapatalk updates

    Hi Guys, I have just updated both Xenforo and Tapatalk to newest versions, as always any problems, let me know.
  17. dragons

    Invite sent to Jon5

    Just approved him.
  18. dragons

    IPv6 issues

    Actually an apache issue somehow redirecting to 410 error.
  19. dragons

    Tapatalk update

    Hi Guys. I just did an update of Tapatalk, please let me know if any problems.
  20. dragons

    IPv6 issues

    Hi Guys, Seems we had a couple of issues for those of us using IPv6, was a server config issue, I have fixed now.